Are you working on a photographic project and want guided

help to fuel and to develop it further?

Or dreaming about starting one?

Or are you stuck and can’t find the guts or motivation to continue?

NW Folio 1 : 1

1/2 hour

portfolio review.

We meet in the gallery or by skype. 

EUR 47 / DKK 350

NW Mentoring 1 : 1

3 x 1 hours

We meet in the gallery or by skype.and dive into your project and dreams. We look at your practise. We set goals and dead lines. For you to be committed, curious and open to push your creative boundaries, we ask questions:


- Why – What - How - Who - When -


We aim to strengthen your creative integrity with practical tools by addressing vital aspects of the photographic process and content. Medium and format. Your story. Your presentation form – from book to installation. Your audience. 

In our meetings we cover creative and completion issues like:

Editing the project, portfolio, text (video, sound), artist statement, web, presentation forms and we talk about future plans and investigate possibilities (networks, contacts, fonding, photo festivals, programs,  national/international arena, pr, galleries, curators etc.) 


We aim to strengthen your creative integrity with practical tools and mental support.

All of our cooperation is based on mutual trust and respect.


EUR 247  / DKK 1.850

Write or call us for making an appointment:

mail@nw-gallery,dk /

mobile +45 27314147

Nina Worren portfolio reviewing at Henie Onstad Art Center in Oslo 2019, © Cyan Studio