in our boutique

All the content; images, drawings, collages, text and the materials of fabric, paper and covers are especially chosen to fullfill and support the story and the feeling of the book.

An artist book is a piece of art in itself and has collectional value if it is original or small editioned.

In the gallery we have a beautiful collection of photographic artist books, signed and editioned by the artists.

Some of the books may be original when the artist has put a personal bless on each book.

The books are bookbinded by hand by the artist or

hand crafted by a proffessional bookbinder.

Emile Morgan's handmade artist book, edition of 25,

We also aim to show the viewer

the proccess of

creation and therefor you will often find the sketches and pre published dummy version of a book in our exhibitions.

In our book boutique we have specially selected

photo books from the following publishers:

Journal Photobooks

dienacht Publishing


Disko Bay Books

Blankt Papir Press

Schilt Publishing

Max Ström Förlag

Mack Books


+ many more

+ self published

+ magazines

dienacht Magazine

NW Gallery Cph

& The Project Room

Fractal State of Being by Sara Skorgan Teigen, published in 2014/Journal.

NW Gallery was part of the first ever photobook market in Copenhagen June 2018

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