Sara Skorgan Teigen (NO) - Katinka Goldberg (SE) - Terje Abusdal (NO) -

Jacob Aue Sobol (DK) - Inuuteq Storch (GR) -  María Kristín Antònsdottír (IS) - 

Lene Harbo Pedersen (DK) - Kirstine Autzen (DK) - Calin Kruse (D) - Michael Søndergaard (DK) - Margot Wallard (FR) - Nina Worren (NO/DK) - Paula Duvå (DK) - Birk Thomassen (DK) - 

AdeY (UK) - Søren Lilholt (DK) - Mia and Torill Marie Irmgard Klit (DK) - Hans Bol (NL) - Kristyan Nicholson (US) - Cecilie Nicoline Rasmussen (DK) - Linda Hansen (DK) -

Julia Mejnertsen(DK) - Diana Velasco (ES/DK) - Lene Hald (DK) - Aage A. Mikalsen (NO) - 

Søren Solkær (DK) - Soak Wong Teng (SGP) - Miriam H.Nielsen (DK) - Åsne Eldøy (NO) - Louise Bøgelund Saugmann (DK) - Dagny Hay (NO) - Charlie Fjätström (NO) - Shahria Sharmin (BGD) -

Adam Heincz (HU) - Sidsel Becker (DK) - Esther Mott (DK) - Jeleena Rai (NO) - Sunniva Hestenes (NO) - Henriette Sagfjord (NO) - Leonard Vincent Rode (S) - Hans Jørgen Ro (NO) - Heather M. O'Brien (US) - Paulina Tamara Cis (NO) - Denisse Ariana Pérez (DOM)

Our story


NW Gallery is an artist driven non profit platform  located in the center of Copenhagen.

The gallery focuses on photography and the diversity of artistic expression within the fields of:

- Photography with and without camera - Mixed media - Video - Photobooks – Unique Artist Books in limited editions –

Our passion is visual story telling with heart & soul. The artists and their works often search for and asks questions of human existensialism. Mentally and physically relating to being.

Who am I?

Why am I here?

The gallery aim to show the artistic process of making, the artists exploration of the difference in medium and method, its possibilities and limitations.

The gallery curates exhibitions with upcoming, new and established, nordic as well as international artists.

The exhibitions are mostly site specific and unique; letting the audience get close to and immerse into the artists works.

Follow us and register for invitation to the next event; 

exhibitions, workshops, book signings, art talks, mentor programs

and residency possibilities.



Come visit us and experience our beautiful and strong composition of works of art

and eminent photobook store.


Thank you for supporting us 

Thank you to the Royal Danish Library for including eleven photographic art works from our exhibitions into the public collection during these years. 

We are also very grateful for having received financial support from

The Danish Arts Foundation, København Kommune - Visuelt Råd,  GROSSERER L.F. FOGHTS FOND and more...

Thank you!



Nina Worren, visual artist / curator

and founder of NW Gallery.

Photo by Angela Blumen.