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“Nature Relations” / “Transience Site”


Exhibitions period

June 11 – August 22 2O2O

NW Gallery & The Project Room is looking forward to re-opening the doors of the physical and tactile room and invite you to the double group- and solo exhibition with artists:


Åsne Eldøy (NO)


Woong Soak Teng (SGP)


Diana Velasco (DK/E)


Miriam H. Nielsen (DK)


- Curated by Nina Worren (NO/DK)




The theme of the exhibitions is nature and our relation to it.


The phenomenon of nature can be understood as the physical, tangible or material world - universe. Often the word "nature" is used for all the things that are not normally made by people; weather, flora, fauna, microorganisms, minerals, land, soil, mountains, desert, celestial bodies and more. Although man is a part of nature, conflict seems to arise as we look at and use nature as a resource to meet our own human needs.


The curation shows how the artists variously work in an intuitive, scientific, physical, material and organic way. Through an experimental approach, the artists immerse themselves in their respective areas where ideas are conceptualized and taken shape. The exhibitions presents this artistic quest to the audience.


"Nature Relations" is a group exhibition with three artists from Norway, Singapore and Denmark. In this exhibition our relation to the external nature is examined; the nature we have a physical closeness to - the “invisible” nature that we do not see or notice, but which we are nevertheless totally dependent on.


In the solo exhibition “Transience Site” Surface glitch -  plastic touch - moss stain - the human made and the natural world are intermingled in works that are at once futuristic and rooted in the soil. In her very own interpretation of nature- and landscape photography Miriam H. Nielsen combines structures, moments and places into works that are familiar and uncanny at the same time. The photo-based montages are created on paper and as sculptural works through an intuitive working process. 

Organic, landscape-like, digital and distorted, the works are inspired by nature and our relation to nature. Thus nature is at the core of the imagery, our affinity to and in many ways alienated relation to nature. Within the exhibition space the works make up a progression through an installation, and reflect an interest in how certain processes and materials can be used to challenge the medium of photography and transformation into other media and the physical space. 



The exhibitions are part of a curatorial exhibition series focusing on nature. Previously, the gallery has shown the exhibitions “Nature Within” and “Interior Landscape”, both exploring the “inner nature”; that we humans are also nature –

"human nature" - and our more meditative contact to this side of ourselves.


NW Gallery and The Project Room is an exhibition platform dedicated to photography and in each exhibition the photography is explored and challenged as a medium and method:


What can the photograph - both the camera-based and the camera-less photograph?

What opportunities and limitations exist?

The exhibitions allow the audience to get close to the artist and the artistic process, from sketch to finished work. The photographic "Artist Book" has a central place in the gallery's many exhibitions, representing a piece of works in itself.


For the third year in a row, the exhibitions will be part of the Copenhagen Photofestival, which this year is running through the online campaign #cpfcelebratingphotography.


Thank you for the support from
National Arts Council Singapore

Norsk Fotografisk Fond

Grosserer L. F. Foghts Fond

DJ Fotograferne

For more information:


As satellite exhibition space at Copenhagen Photofestival

We will follow the guidelines from the authoroties regarding the Covid-19 situation.

Woong Soak Teng (SGP) is concerned with natural phenomena and nature as

whole. Her works often evolve together with natural processes, hoping to learn from them, and finding the medium and method that is feasible. The essence of her practice lies in the study of what is understood by "nature" in our present reality.


As part of the group exhibition her book "Ways To Tie Trees" is displayed, published by

Steidl and winner of the Book Award Asia 8. In the book, she explores the creative permutations in tree binding - an important component of beautifying the garden city. In order to prevent organic growth, the trees are moved back and erected in organized intervals. To make the trees bloom in the right direction, manmade objects are used as reinforcement.

Åsne Eldøy (NO) works within the mediums of photography, publications and installation and mixes the languages of looking, reading and building. In Eldøy’s artistic practice themes such as belonging and transformation are looked upon. Her manmade landscapes and the wonders of nature are repeated investigations on how mankind takes nature and creates culture. That we transform natural landscapes and create new, urban environments, which then become our homes. The approach is often poetic, yet political, seen through local communities and city development.


In the group exhibition, we will see works from her recurring researches that act

about how mankind takes nature and creates culture. The fact that we are transforming

natural landscapes and creating new urban environments, which then become our home. The exhibition will show physical, sculptural installations, photographic works, the book format as well as the artistic practice in the form of a process wall.

Diana Velasco (DK/E) is a visual artist with a background in anthropology working with

photography in the areas of identity, cultural memories and sense of place.

In the group exhibition she participates with new photographic works with nature as the focal point. In the Limestone photo series, Diana Velasco focuses sharply on national identity, cultural memory and climate change.

Through her practice, Velasco explores how cultural memory changes, retains and disseminates over time. She is preoccupied with what tracks are left behind.

Limestone thus becomes a metaphor for memory and climate change, for the transformative forces of nature as well as the cultural memory of Danish nature.


The photographs are based on the 63 million year old Faxe Chalk Mining, the world's oldest coral reef, where there are countless traces of corals, fossils, past animals and contemporary traces of humans via abandoned objects. The quarry today appears as a deserted nature reserve where the old and the new meet and unite.

Miriam H. Nielsen (DK)

In her work, Miriam H. Nielsen is interested in how photography and photographic manipulations can lead us to new places and experiences. A recurrent feature in her work is the juxtaposition of digital and analogue processes. She is involved in a constant process of pushing the limits and explore new visual spaces, blurring the boundaries between photography and other mediums. Her intention is to create works that are based on the personal but potentially describe universal states.


The works often consist of motifs that are combined layer upon layer, and reflect a fascination with uncovering and covering - appearance and disappearance of the familiar - and a movement towards abstraction. Through a slow building up of motives, she searches for boundary and meditative states. The method is assembly, manipulation and the creation of sculptural works. Thus it is not the representative image as such that occupies her, but the material properties and potential of photography to create fictional spaces, while exploring contrasts between depth / surface and gravity / lightness.


Miriam H. Nielsen usually work "from the inside", so that the piece arises through a visual workingprocess, rather than in response to an idea or concept. The works are characterized by this intuitive process and an almost painterly process, and at the same time they have their own systematic form. In general, her desire is to create works that move to a new place and draw the viewer in, on a visual, intellectual and physical level.

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