Sara Skorgan Teigen (NO)

AdeY (UK)

Cecilie N. Rasmussen (DK)

Lene Hald (DK)

Åsne Eldøy (NO)

Birk Thomassen (DK)

Mia Irmgard Klit (DK)

Woong Soak Teng (SGP

International contemporary photography gallery emphasizing on the hybridity and diversity in

form, material and expression. 

All exhibitions are curated on themes concerning human conditions, identity and our relation to nature.

We aim to give the public audience a possibility to immerse and insight into the process of artistic practice and research.

The beautiful space with natural surroundings and light gives experience of closeness to the art works and the artists.

Everyone is welcome.

Miriam H. Nielsen (DK)

Katinka Goldberg (S/NO)

Margot Wallard (F)

Japanese handmade Artist Books

in collaboration with Reminders Photography Stronghold

Dagny & Charlie Hay (NO)

Jacob Aue Sobol (DK)

Inuuteq Storch(GR)


Sara Skorgan Teigen (NO) - Katinka Goldberg (SE) - Terje Abusdal (NO) -

Jacob Aue Sobol (DK) - Inuuteq Storch (GR) -  María Kristín Antònsdottír (IS) - 

Lene Harbo Pedersen (DK) - Kirstine Autzen (DK) - Calin Kruse (D) - Michael Søndergaard (DK) - Margot Wallard (FR) - Nina Worren (NO/DK) - Paula Duvå (DK) - Birk Thomassen (DK) - 

AdeY (UK) - Søren Lilholt (DK) - Mia Irmgard Klit (DK) - Hans Bol (NL) - Kristyan Nicholson (US) - Cecilie Nicoline Rasmussen (DK) - Linda Hansen (DK) -

Julia Mejnertsen(DK) - Diana Velasco (ES/DK) - Lene Hald (DK) - Aage A. Mikalsen (NO) - 

Søren Solkær (DK) - Soak Wong Teng (SGP) - Miriam H.Nielsen (DK) - Åsne Eldøy (NO) - Louise Bøgelund Saugmann (DK) - Dagny Hay (NO) - Charlie Hay (NO) - Shahria Sharmin (BGD) -

Adam Heincz (HU) - Sidsel Becker (DK) - Esther Mott (DK) - Jeleena Rai (NO) - Sunniva Hestenes (NO) - Henriette Sagfjord (NO) - Leonard Vincent Rode (S) - Hans Jørgen Ro (NO) - Heather M. O'Brien (US) - Paulina Tamara Cis (NO) - Denisse Ariana Pérez (DOM) - Julian Slagman (D)


New - Artist Book by Nina Worren. Handbinded. Edition of 100.

See more in our store.


Art & Theory

Batzer & Co

Blackbook Publication

Breadfield Press

Chose Commune

Dewi Lewis

Dienacht Publishing

Heavy Books

Journal Photobooks



Kult Books

Mack Books


Sailors Press

Shadowlab/Morten Andersen

the(M) éditions


And many, many more…


Exhibition & Book Release

February 8th - 12th 2023 

The pictures in James'House are Jacob Aue Sobol's farewell and tribute to his dear friend James,

his children and the life James showed him.

Opening event February the 8th. from 15-20.

Opening talk by Jacob's twin brother Thomas Aue Sobol at 17:00

Opening hours:

Wednesday 8th 15-20

Thursday 9th 14-20

Friday 10th 14-20

Saturday 11th 11-17

Sunday 12th 11-17

Welcome <3

"James’ House is my second book in The Greenland Trilogy. My first book Sabine from 2004 was a love story, and so is James’ House. It’s about my love and admiration for an Inuit man and his continuous fight to provide for his family. The story takes place from 1999-2002 when I lived in Eastern Greenland trying to become a hunter and a fisherman while taking pictures of the life I shared with the people living there. James was my friend when I lived in Tiniteqilaaq. He taught me how to spot seals and use the tools of a hunter. He taught me when to speak and when to be silent. How to be present. For the years I was in Tiniteqilaaq, James’ House seemed like the center of the universe. It was a house full of laughter, crying and silence. A place of warmth and embrace. Today James doesn’t live in the house anymore. James’ wife passed away and he moved with his children to the nearest town, Tasiilaq. This book is a memory of the time and love I shared with James and his children.

Published by Super Labo in Tokyo in collaboration with Sobol Books. Edited by Sun Hee Engelstoft.

During the exhibition period it will be possible to purchase copies of the book together with prints.

Jacob Aue Sobol"

Take a peek

Photobook Week Aarhus 

Meet us at the Photobook Market October 30th from 11-16 at Godsbanen.

Focus 2022: Off Balance

The ninth edition of this special festival is 27–30 October 2022 in Aarhus, Denmark.

O S L O 

Photo: Jan Khür

Oslo Photobookfestival 2022 

25.08.22 - 04.09.22

Curated by 

Norwegian Photography Now
Jon Gorospe & Jan Khür

Meet us there!

NW Gallery is invited to participate at the Photobook fair Saturday 27.08 from 12 - 17 at Møllergata Skole.




Exhibition &
Release of USC/Scandinavia issue 16

Exhibition period JUNE 4-19

NW Gallery is proud to present a group exhibition dedicated to the photographic self-portrait, interpreted by 11 artists.

The exhibition is co-curated with artist group Uncertain States Scandinavia and the latest issue of their broadsheet-newspaper for lens based art will be launched at the opening night.

There will also be screening of VIDEO ART during the exhibition.

The event was also part of the official program of Copenhagen Photofestival in June 2022

NW Gallery / Nina Worren
Uncertain States Scandinavia / Charlie Hay, Dagny Hay og Tor S. Ulstein

“As we choose to no longer stand behind the camera, we do still hear the shutter being triggered at our
release; but all our eyes can remember is that imprinted afterimage”

Today, unimaginable numbers of selfies are being produced with our phones for social media - all those we see and all those we never see.

However, the presentation of ourselves in photographic self-portraits is something that goes far back in time. The first photographic self-portrait we know is believed to have been made by Robert Cornelius in 1839 and several well-known artists began to use this form early in his artistic practice: Edvard Munch, Edgar Degas, Andy Warhol, Ilse Bing, Francesca Woodman.

In the exhibition, the artists explore what the photographic self-portrait can do. The self-portrait is a tool for staging oneself as a subject and / or object. It can be used to create persona, alter ego and symbolic icons. It can be fiction, concept based and it can be personally documentary, skinless and honest like a diary.

By placing yourself both in front of and behind the camera, the artist can explore their own relationship to, for example, family, history and heritage. It can help the artist to accept the world, time, the course of life and own destiny, memories, themes, and emotions from one's own life. The process of creating self-portraits can help the artist become better acquainted with the self both physically and mentally and thus develop the creative sides and self-esteem. We see that the photographic self-portrait is a very powerful and used tool today because it helps the artist to stand out, take a stand and stand by the self, gender, identity and existence in our society.

Charlie Hay (S)
Linda Hansen (DK)
Dagny Hay (NO)
Sunniva Hestenes (NO)
Aage A. Mikalsen (NO)
Jeleena Rai (NO)
Hans Jørgen Ro (NO)
Leonard Vincent Rode (S)
Henriette Sagfjord (NO)
Paulina Cid Tamara (NO/CL)
Nina Worren (NO/DK)

Video Artists

Heather M. O’Brien (US)

L. K. (NO)

Jeleena Rai (NO)

Henriette Sagfjord (NO)

Leonard Vincent Rode (S) 

Sara  Skorgan Teigen (NO)

Nina Worren (NO/DK)

Part of 


June 11th from 11-16 at Refshaleøen -

the center of Copenhagen Photofestival.

We are very proud that one of Sune Amstrups works will be on view as part of "The Camera and Us" at  The Danish Roal Library - The National Photomuseum /Black Diamond from 18.11.21 -

In 2018 we curated the group exhibition "Family Matters" and the public collection decided to include ten of Sunes works from his project "Dissolved Family" -

Congratulations Sune <3 

NW Gallery and Blankt Papir are happy to once again invite you to a mini workshop.

Sunday August 15th.:
From 13-15.
Location: NW Gallery, Nansensgade 10.

is a 2-hour workshop where we teach you to sew your own book.
At the workshop, we sew two notebooks with the simple but beautiful Japanese staff sewing and the functional and easy singer sewing.

As a participant, you learn about materials and tools that must be used to sew books yourself.
All participants go home with handmade notebooks, as well as knowledge and understanding of what it means to make their own book.

The techniques we teach can be used to make our own magazines, notebooks, zines, artist books and / or photo book dummies.

Perfect for beginners.
All material is included.
DKK 500 incl. VAT

- Only few seats
- For registration and payment info write to

We look forward to make bookbinding with you!

NW Gallery reserves the right to cancel the workshop due to insufficient participants or reasons beyond our control. In such a case, a full and immediate refund of the workshop fee will be issued.
NW Gallery is not responsible for reimbursement of travel, accommodation or other expenses in case the workshop is cancelled.
If a participant decides to cancel for whatever reason, this must be confirmed in a writing notification.
• if the cancellation is less than 7 days before the workshop starts, no credits can be issued.

For everyones safety we follow the Danish governments Covid-19 restrictions.

Thank you to

København Kommune, Visuelt Råd for the support.

We present two curated photo- and artist book exhibitions:

& The Book as Art

Curated by Nina Worren

”B I R D S”
Books with and about birds, nature and humans.
The Bird as a symbol of self – a state of mind, of myth and of nature.
Personal stories relating to travel, migration, escape, freedom –
the cycles of life and earth.


Maria Anzenberger (A)
Hans Bol (NL)
Ricardo Cases (E)
Jim Dine (US)
Stephen Gill (UK)
Espen Gleditsch (NO)
Anaïs López (NL)
Yoshinori Mizutani (J)
Jean Pagliuso (US)
Robert Zhao Renhui (SGP)
Einar Sira (NO)
Søren Solkær (DK)
Francesca Todde (IT)
Cemre Yeşil (TR) & Maria Sturm (RO)

“The Book as Art”
presenting unique, handmade books from Japan; artist books with experimental singularity in contents, visual narratives, handmade and hybrid binding techniques, paper combinations and printing. Books as objects, books that will touch all your senses.

Handmade Artist Books:
Green Pigeon by Yoshiko Mogi
Sokohi by Moe Suzuki
Hiroshima Graph -Everlasting Flow by Yoshikatsu Fujii
Snow Flakes Dog Man by Hajime Kimura
Bird, Night, and Then. by Kenji Chiga

- All books are made in collaboration with Yumi Goto and Reminders Photography Stronghold in Tokyo.

The exhibition is part of Copenhagen Photo festival's satellite program 2021.

Copenhagen Photofestival June 2021

Thank you to Copenhagen Photofestival for inviting Julia Mejnertsen/Blankt Papir.& Nina Worren/NW Gallery to curate photobook exhibition, talks and the first ever photobook market at this years festival at Refshaleøen.


We call the photobook area of this year’s festival “ROOM” as a nod to the important feminist work “A Room of One’s Own” by Virginia Woolf. In “A Room of One’s Own” Woolf argues simply that the lack of female representation is not due to lack of talent, but rather lack of opportunity. The photobook area of this year’s festival gives ROOM to photobook talks, photobook market and a curated photobook-shop.

Soft Power – The Second Phase of Photobooks –  a curated photobook exhibition and shop 

The winds of change have been blowing for some time, but that doesn’t mean that the issue of representation is solved and with this year’s curated bookshop, we wish to push for further opportunities to be created by sharing some of the amazing and important photobooks made by women in recent years. Works that we find empowering and which have made an impression on us. This is by no means an exhaustive collection, but rather a window into a room of personal expressions.

Photobook Exhibition

Soft Power - the second phase of photobooks.

“Soft power as opposed to hard power are both terms used in politics. Soft power represents a way of getting a desired outcome by seduction rather than coercion, and is often associated with for instance cultural and pop cultural influences. Soft power is thus a term defined by softer values. What soft power represents is culture for everyone, and we believe that photobooks can be enjoyed by everyone. It doesn’t take an art education to enjoy pictures, visual narratives and personal stories - and just as important, everyone has a story to tell. In politics, soft power is also termed “the second face of power” (i.e. hard power being the first), and as the photobook market continues to bloom, we believe that the second phase of photobooks are photobooks made by voices that have previously been neglected. While this shop is focused on women, we believe that works by a more diverse group should be strived for - we wish to see works by transgender, queer, diverse cultures and nationalities all the same. In our curation, you’ll find works dealing with everything from beauty industry to connecting with nature, motherhood and the lack of - whether by choice or not, and about memories of love and loss.”

Including phenomenal book works for browsing and for sale by Laia Abril, Katherine Longly, Ann Massal, Lise Saxtrup, Margot Wallard, Lisbet Nielsen, Nina Strand, Janemaria Mekoline Pedersen, Linda Bergman, Giulia Iacolutti, Paola Favoino, Katinka Goldberg and Claudine Doury.

Curated by Julia Mejnertsen/Blankt Papir

and Nina Worren/NW Gallery.

NW Gallery presents

Like Purity, Like Gravity

a solo exhibition by
Carolina Echeverri


Carolina Echeverri's solo exhibition Like Purity, Like Gravity pushes for our understanding of nature and re-formulates our relationship with it.

In a series of photographic diptychs and a sound installation, Echeverri explores the purity related to innocence contained in natural attributes, in instinct and qualities related to religion, culture, gender and identity connected to nature. When we remove the natural chaos and the beautiful freedom we were born into, and then create a fabricated, controlled and manipulated disorder disguised as a tainted idea of order, human beings will innocently lose their compass.

Carolina Echeverri wants to reset our relationship with nature, by showing it as it is - or as it may be without our intervention. The child's leg under the dress belongs to her son, and it was precisely this photograph that started her study of nature and man as two separate beings, trying to dominate each other in an eternal dance.

Carolina Echeverri was born in 1980 in Bogotá, Colombia, with schooling in the capital and all her free time spent on her father's farm far outside the city. The free and unruly nature became her playmate, who has then followed her all her life and shaped her view on the world.

She has previously participated in group exhibitions at e.g. Kunsthal Charlottenborg and Hans Alf Gallery, and the exhibition at NW Gallery is her first solo exhibition in Copenhagen. In 2019, she was featured in GUP Magazine “Fresh Eyes” as one of the best emerging photographers in Europe, and in 2021, the Latin America Photography Foundation and  Enfoque Visual Magazine named her as one of 30 recommended new Latin American photographers.

She lives in Copenhagen with her husband and two children. See her works at

Artist Book Fair in Tokyo

at Reminders Photography Stronghold

March 26 - 28 2021

We are participating at a new Artist Book fair in Tokyo organised by Reminders Photography Stronghold (

The plan was to go there ourselves - but at least two boxes of 8 kgs of Nordic photo books is there during the coming weekend March 26-28.

These are the selected books:

Eat a Chili

By Wei Weng (CN), selfpublished

Fractal State of Being

By Sara Skorgan Teigen (NO), Journal Photobooks


By Katinka Goldberg (SE), Journal Photobooks


By Damian Heinisch (NO), Selfpublished 1. Edition


By Inuuteq Storch (GL/DK), Disko Bay 

I don’t think you were the same and now I wonder, was I?

By Lise Saxtrup (DK), Blankt Papir

Hope Blinds Reason

By Terje Abusdal (NO), Journal Photobooks

You Shine I reflect

By Christian Klintholm (DK), Selfpublished


By Carl-Mikael Ström (SE), VOID 

Immersed in Stone – Black Ice

By Line Bøhmer Bakken (NO), Multipress

The Komidiary 

By Filippo Zambon (FIN), Lecturis

Midnight Milk

By Marie Sjøvold (NO), Journal Photobooks

Inga kan älska som vi/Noone can love like we can
By Ylva Sundgren, Journal Photobooks

All books are also available in our gallery bookstore - contact us on for information.


We are open for pick up by appointment in January - February - contact us on

A winter exhibition of selected international contemporary photo art,

a premier of an art film and special photo books.

Invited artists:

AdeY (UK)
Kirstine Autzen (DK)
Sidsel Becker (DK)
Carolina Echeverri (CO)
Katinka Goldberg (SE)
Adam Hencz (HU)
Søren Lilholt (DK)
Esther Mott (DK)
Julia Mejnertsen (DK)
Denisse Ariana Pérez (DR)
Cecilie N. Rasmussen (DK)
Birk Thomassen (DK)
Shahria Sharmin (BD)
Sara Skorgan Teigen (NO)
Margot Wallard (F)
Nina Worren (NO)

Come visit us for a moving experience, to find that unique gift for someone special and support your local photography gallery.

We look so much forward to see you ❤

With love,

* * * * *


Solo Exhibition with Cecilie N. Rasmussens 

It is also the first AIR (Artist In Residency) Exhibition at NW Gallery & The Project Room in Nansensgade 10.

In July 2020 we launched our AIR program focusing on female artists working with mental health as personal projects and Cecilie N. Rasmussen were chosen and has immersed into her project at our space during the autumn.

This exhibition will show fragments of her ongoing project experimenting in the study of human behaviour:


- “Uro” has a dual meaning of the feeling of unrest and the calming sensory mobile for babies.

You are invited into the home of a person with a mental illness. This intimate space becomes a self portrait of the balance between a safe, secure area, where thoughts, feelings and routine are unexposed to others than yourself. On the other hand it is simultaneously a paradox of a gross, filthy and stressed reminder of the faulty wiring in your brain which can be difficult to escape. The home is representative of personal traces and fragments of a life.

There will also be an interactive installation inspired by association as thought and the rhizome.

19.11.20 Special opening - only for personally invited guests.

Friday 20.11.20 16-19
Saturday 21.11.20 12-15
Sunday 22.11.20 12-15
Monday Closed
Tuesday 24.11.20 16-19
Wednesday 25.11.20 13-17 (last day)

The AIR program is kindly supported by København Kommune/Direktør Michael Hermann Nielsens Mindelegat, afd B.


* * * * *


We are excited about being one of the contributing venues to the exhibition “Complex States”.

“Complex States” is an international exhibition that comes as a
timely and urgent response to both the divisive events of “Brexit” and the “Covid-19”
pandemic. With more than 30 international artists, 13 venues and a cutting edge
augmented reality platform, the exhibition will run
until the 31st of December 2020 when the Brexit process draws to a close.
As an exhibition
that traverses nations, as well as the physical and virtual, Complex States offers a platform
for renewed trans-national dialogue, collaboration and cultural exchange.

Curated by Catherine Harrington and Vassiliki Tzanakou - the founder of ARTinTRA in cooperation with the software company afca. based in Bern.

NW Gallery will exhibit works by Eliza Tamo.

Other contributing artists:

Zish Alexander, David Bannister, Jan Bowman, Jason deCaires-Taylor, Michael Craig-Martin, Jeremy Deller, Led By Donkeys, Rita Duffy, Ben Jakober and Yannick VU, Stephane Graff, Lara Hoad, Michal Iwanowski, Henry Jones, Keep It
Complex, Richard Littler, Hynek Martinec, Stefana Mcclure, Gil Mualem Doron, Poshfruit,
Quiet British Accent, Simon Roberts, Martin Rowson, Bob & Roberta Smith, John Springs, Susan Stockwell, Joe Sweeney, Koen VanMechelen, Wolfgang Tillmans.

As part of the exhibition “Complex States” we proudly present the project Murmur by artist Eliza Tamo (UK):

A collection of antique pre WWI picture postcards which combine the original inscriptions of the writers with seascapes of the two bodies of water that separate and unite Great Britain with the European mainland photographed between 2016-2018.
Her work draws on history, power, memory, chance and the mundane. She uses photography, collage, text and repurposed materials to play with the notion of the archive both in a theoretical and tactile way.

The 13 unique postcards will be on display at the gallery until December 20th.

NW Portfolio Review and Mentoring 

We offer 1:1 meetings in the gallery or online - see more, book and write to us:

See more information here 

Workshop program 2021

We are very excited about hosting unique and intimate international workshops emphasizing on photography and phootbook making in the center of Copenhagen; An open-minded city that never sleeps, full of life, cultural and artistic inspiration.

All workshops are in small groups so that you can get close to your project in a trusting environment and get more dedicated time and attention from the teacher.

The invited international lecturer are all experienced artists themselves

and among the worlds best in their field.

All classes are open for international participants and in English.

Find more information under WORKSHOPS...

With Calin Kruse

Video about NW Gallery in Copenhagen

made by Jeppe Andersen

Music - Sweet taste of you - Royalty-Free Music by License: CC BY (

October 1-4 in Århus

Arranged for the 7th time by Gallery Image and Aarhus School of Architecture.

NW/Nina Worren is invited to curate an exhibition showing Norwegian Photobooks.

This exhibition, which continues PWA’s geographical focus on Northern Countries, will show the diversity of Norwegian books and publications with an emphasis on photography.

NW Gallery will also have a stand at the book market 4.10.20 - come visit us!

Fore more info -

September in Oslo 2020

We are also this year invited to hold portfolio reviews in Oslo arranged by Cyan Folio at Henie Onstad Art Center

For more info -

Exhibitions June/August 2020


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Exhibition december 2019


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Exhibition June 2019

Interior Landscape

- The room as a sketchbook &

The Nature Within

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Exhibition January 2019

Året, København  / The year, Copenhagen

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Exhibition December 2018


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Exhibition November 2018


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Talk November 2018

Dreams from a hospital bed

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Exhibition June 2018

Family Matters

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The Project Room June 2018

Organic Origin

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Exhibition December 2017 - Grand Opening 


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Book Release February 2019

Unsettled City by M.H. Frøslev

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Book Release September 2018

Året. København / The Year, Copenhagen

July & August 

by Blankt Papir Press

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Book Release June 2018

Porcelain Souls by Inuuteq Storch

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Previous Workshop March 2020

and February 2019

with Calin Kruse

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Previous Workshop Autumn 2020

and June 2018

with Jan Rosseel

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Previous Workshop 1-4. February 2020

with JH Engström

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