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Winter & Spring Salon:

Welcome to the Opening December 1 from 14 - 18

NW Gallery has two years anniversary.

We are deeply grateful for these two years of joys and struggles.
It all started with H E A R T.

Connecting people and telling stories that matters.
Making room for the quiet voices. The silent groups.
Showing the strength and beauty in vulnerability.
Being a place open for all...

Thank you to all who has participated and supported us -
we could not have done it without you.

Come into the warm and heart,
have a drink and celebrate with us!


- Personal stories about being C L O S E - A salon of new and old works by selected artists:

AdeY (UK)
Katinka Goldberg (SE)
Søren Lilholt (DK)
Cecilie Nicoline Rasmussen (DK)
Jacob Aue Sobol (DK)
Sara Skorgan Teigen (NO)
Margot Wallard (F)
Denisse Ariana Pérez (DOM)
and more…

Old and new, special and unique, limited editioned and signed.

All is for sale and can be yours right away.

1O% of the sale will be donated to Dannerhuset
(womens shelter house) –

Opening hours December 2 - 21:
WED 14-18
SAT 12-14

We hope so much to see you!

Photo by amazing Denisse Ariana Perez.







Wed 14-18


Sat 12-14

Autumn Salon

Welcome to our mix of contemporary art works,  photo books, handmade artist books and more.

We are very happy to tell you that extracts from Sara Skorgan Teigen's physical sketchbook of drawings, photograps, collages and installations is still on our walls.

Her solo show "Interior Landscape" - The room as a sketchbook was such a big success and the work is so unique and increadable detailed

- you have to come and see for yourself!

The upcoming book is to be published by Journal and the last ten pages were made during the exhibition at NW Gallery.

We also have beautiful originals, framed images from Sara Skorgan Teigen's previous project: "Fractal state of being".

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for opening ours -

or write to us for an appointment <3

For ten days in June, Sara Skorgan Teigen worked physically on the walls in NW Gallery. Using the room as a sketchbook, she  finished the last ten pages of her second book "Interior Landscape". It is to be published soon by Journal Förlag


Fine Art Photography exhibitions

during Copenhagen Photo Festival 2019

JUNE 9th - 16th 


Focusing on the sketchbook and the unique artist book as medium and method,

NW Gallery is proud to present two connected exhibitions showing the artistic process in the making of these.


Exploring the intersections of art, nature and the self,

the artists use the artist book’s intimate, tactile and sensual space to get

in touch with their inner and outer world and to share their stories.


Sara Skorgan Teigen (NO)

Lene Harbo Pedersen (DK)

María Kristín H. Antonsdóttir (IS)

“Interior Landscape”


- The room as a sketchbook


SOLO Exhibition




Sara Skorgan Teigen (NO)



NW Gallery is excited to present Sara Skorgan Teigen’s first solo exhibition in Denmark.


Her work is a meeting-point between her inner, emotional explorations and the outside world; the confluence between the metaphysical and the physical.


During the exhibition she will turn the gallery space into a physical sketchbook. A sketchbook with drawings, collages, textiles with photo embroidery, photographic prints and notes directly on the walls.


In 2014 her first sketchbook “Fractal State of Being” was published by Journal and it was selected as one of the best photo books that year at Paris Photo - Apertures Photo Book award.


She is now working on her second book “Interior Landscape” to be published in 2019. Her new work is as much about exhibition as a book itself. Exhibition as a medium of the book.


In order to look more clearly and get an overview of her work, she will use the room as a think tank, the walls as pages, investigating the formats and sizes, limitations and possibilities. She will also use the mood and atmosphere while working in the room. In this way, the work will become and evolve, site specific in the present moment.


Sara Skorgan Teigen will go through the process of deconstruct and construct the artist book.


“The book is a mirror for the artist's inner life. The book as a medium can tell a story that is longer or more complicated, has several events, contains more situations than "one picture".

The book is the artist's best friend and conversation partner and colleague. An artist's book tells the viewer that you are now going to experience this story in a private intimate room, at your own pace, while flipping through it. A book is like a story told more on a second hand. It is more confidential.”



*** *** ***



“The Nature Within”


- An exhibition showing unique artist books

and the personal process in the making of them




María Kristín H. Antonsdóttir(IS) and

Lene Harbo Pedersen (DK)

The presented artists use the artist book’s intimate, tactile and sensual space to get in touch with and share experienses in connection with a major life change. When serious disease happens. When somebody close dies. When reality becomes a self-study. Going through mournful periods. Exploring the circle of life and death. Investigating the construction and articulation of memory, the existence individually and in affiliation with others.  

In the exhibition the two artist’s unique and handmade books ”Untitled Family Album #1” by María Kristín H. Antonsdóttirand ”Mod er mærker” by  Lene Harbo Pedersen will be showcased together with visualization of the process material of sketches, archives, collages, reliefs, photographs, albums, nature elements and text.


The exhibition will show the process in the making of them, the collaborations with other artists, the investigations, considerations of approaches and perspectives until the final choices of medium, method and material made. And also the continuing creation of new works related to the content of the presented artist books.




Welcome <3



*** *** ***

Photo Book Market at

DGI byen during Copenhagen Photofestival

Come meet us and other

photo book lovers !

NW Gallery will also have handmade, unique artist books for sale... and special offers only this day...

JUNE 8th 10-17

See more


NW Gallery portfolio reviewing in Oslo May 2019

with Cyan Folio

Norway's largest portfolio review for photo artists and photographers is on the 11th-12th. May2019 at Henie Onstad Art Center.

As a photographer, you get here personal meetings with curators, critics and professionals to showcase and discuss your portfolio.

At the same time you are on a juryed group exhibition that appears at Nordic Light Festival with sponsored awards worth a value of over 30,000, -. 

Only for For artists living in Norway or with Norwegian citizenship.

It is free to apply to participate with your portfolio.


Balder Galleri, Copy Cat, Fotogalleriet, Fotographer Ethan Rafal, Fotographer Damian Heinisch, Fotographer Ole Marius Jørgensen, Forlaget Fotografi, Fotografihuset, Galleri Semmingsen, Interfoto, Lumina Gallery, KUNSTforum/Akershus Kunstsenter, Lillehammer Kunstmuseum, Lofoten Internasjonale Fotofestival, Magasinet KUNST, Nordic Light Festival of Photography, NORDphotography, NW Gallery, Oslo Fotokunstskole, Preus Museum, Studio OSCAR galleri, Uncertain States Scandinavia.


For more info:

The portfolio display is organized by the CYAN studio in collaboration with Henie Onstad Art Center and the Oslo Photo Academy, in addition to Fotogalleriet, Nordic Light Festival, FotoPhono Imaging, NORDphotography, Preus Museum, CopyCat FineArt, Studio Technika, Interfoto and DOK19.


The publishing house Disko Bay invites to the release of the photobook Unsettled City by the Danish photographer M.H. Frøslev at NW Gallery. Here it will be possible to buy the book at a special release-price and have the book signed by the artist.

Book release FEBRUARY 21

in Nansensgade 10

About the book

Unsettled City is a dark photographic essay of a human in a metropolis. It is about love and despair in a place where life at times can be very uncertain, though people are still just humans who are trying to live their lives as it unfolds.

The book is a personal depiction of a claustrophobic environment with a cityscape as the framework, captured in the cities of Saint Petersburg and Moscow. Here loneliness and longing for intimacy exist. Through ninety-five photographs in contrast monochromes and dusty colours the book unfolds the night as a motif. Here we meet bulldogs, street fights and abandoned roads but also loving glances, intimate moments and faded buildings, all quietly standing still, waiting for the night to die down and the light to rise again. Trough disquieting atmospheres and raw sensitivity Unsettled City shows how the people of the night alternately love and fear both the city and each other. With this book M.H. Frøslev portray feelings of alienation, inequality and pain on a par with love, intimacy and fascination.

Born 1988 in Copenhagen, Denmark. M.H. Frøslev worked in 2008 as photographic assistant for Danish Magnum photographer Jacob Aue Sobol in Copenhagen but moved initially in 2010 to Moscow and later to Saint Petersburg where he started the project Unsettled City.

His infatuation with picture-making led M.H . Frøslev to explore the silent and haunting experience of walking after dark in the streets of Saint Petersburg and Moscow. Here he developed his photographic sense and his intimate relationship with the Russian cities.

M.H. Frøslev lives and works in Saint Petersburg, Russia.


The Year, Copenhagen 2018      





January 24 - February 3


We are proud to present the exhibition "Året – København, 2018” ("The Year - Coenhagen 2018”), which will be showing a new take on the material gathered throughout the photobook series Året / The Year. In the exhibition we present you with 28 handpicked works produced by 24 of the 80 photographic artists, who have participated with work in one of the 12 books portraying Copenhagen during 2018. The exhibition takes a fresh look at the work produced for the book series, mixes it up and compiles it into an exhibition that rethinks The Year as four seasons rather than singular months.


On the same day we open the exhibition, we also have the honour of hosting the very last book launch of the very last book in the series - “Året – København, december 2018” (The Year – Copenhagen, December 2018).


Participating artists in “Året – København, december 2018” (The Year – Copenhagen, December 2018):

Sune Amstrup, Lotte Fløe Christensen, Mette Colberg, Marie Drotner Frost, Peter Klint, Janemaria Mekoline Pedersen, The Defect OM-1 Project and Birk Thomassen.


Participating artists in the exhibition ”ÅRET - KØBENHAVN 2018” (THE YEAR – COPENHAGEN 2018):

Emma Christensen, Jonas Fogh, Lene Hald, Emilie Morgan Hemmingshøj, Johan Peter Jønsson, Søren Lilholt, Sara Lubich, Ann Massal, Julia Mejnertsen, Åsa Mossberg, Janemaria Mekoline Pedersen, Dan Frisk Petersen, Cecilie Nicoline Rasmussen, Nadia Marilena Roccato, Victoria Salomonsen, Lise Saxtrup, Inuuteq Storch, Carl-Mikael Ström, Ursula Tarp, The Defect OM-1 Project, Nathalie Walker, Sussie Weinold, Ulrikke Helene Winther and Nina Worren.


Book launch and opening is on 24. January 2019 from 16-20, and we look forward to welcoming you all, wish you a happy New Year and celebrate a succesfully completed 2018.


About The Year

Året, København 2018 (The Year, Copenhagen 2018) is a monthly photobook publication featuring contemporary works by Copenhagen-based photographers engaged in portraying the city of Copenhagen during 2018. The chosen photographers spend the 20 first days of the month photographing the city; consequently a photobook is put together featuring the results. Presenting different artists every month, Året will gather throughout the year a growing and diverse collection of perspectives and practices.

While Copenhagen has been named the most liveable city in the world several times, and we have seen many beautiful vistas of the Danish capital, the reality is always far more complex. This diary representing varied and personal points of view will offer readers an uncensored and unfiltered portrait of the city:

“This is our Copenhagen”.








Exhibition period December 1 - December 22




How, and when, do we feel free?

In intimate relations and in the world around us?


An exhibition focusing on the concept of freedom;

of body and mind.


The artists AdeY (UK) and Birk Thomassen (DK) both work with photography as their main medium.


AdeY, with his background as a dancer and choreographer, investigates and visualises the human body as sculptural form. Naked bodies in solitude or in movement with others, to show our diversity, and equality as human beings. Performatively staged, in relation to the surrounding space.


Birk works with photography in a direct and intuitive form, often touching upon the theme of identity. In this exhibition he explores the concept of freedom in an expressive and sensual way: The immediate experience of tension and release.



Come, celebrate with us!


December 1 is also NW Gallery’s one year birthday.







- And the ways we deal with grief


Grief is acute mental pain resulting from loss, misfortune or deep disappointment. It affects most of us at some point in life. Young as old.

Grief is a part of life.


To say goodbye to a human being, to life, a body part, consciousness, a property, an affiliation, a job, a country or identity freedom.


Still grief is filled with myths and, especially in our western society, it is taboo and we find it very difficult to share and talk about our emotions related to grief.


How do we grief?

And how do we deal with grief?

Can we find meaning in grieving?

How do we go on with our life after grief?


In this group exhibition artists explore how creating art can be a source for working yourself through a crisis of personal grief.


By depicting grief and the healing process, the artists goes to their inner self; investigates, search and in a personal way show ways to deal with grief and pain. It can be by travelling physically or mentally, turning the camera onto themselves, using their own bodies and faces, to go through archives and diaries, organic material, to make symbols to describe their emotions and pure expressions and to analyze dreams and memories.


The projects touches the process of healing, to look death in the eye, to be angry, sad, to let go, to accept, to loose control, how to go on living after grief. And it reminds us to live life fully when we have it and asks questions regarding the right to choose life or not.


The presence of absence.

With this exhibition we want to open up for more openness regarding concealement, shame and forgiveness.


Images and grief.

We all use images and photographs in one or another form when dealing with grief. We use images to remember, to repeat, to symbolize, to make a ritual and to give comfort to manifest and put a sentence.



During the exhibition there will also be an interactive installation where public can bring a photograph to symbolize their grief and light a candle in memory.




Welcome ♥



November 17 from 15:00 - ca. 16:30


Artist talk with Mia Irmgard Klit 



“Dreams from a hospital bed” is a common project and cooperation between the sisters Mia Irmgard Klit & Torill Marie Irmgard Klit. The project is presented in the exhibition Grief as a visual installation, video and handmade artist book. The works are also part of Mia’s ongoing studies at Photography and Urban Cultures, Goldsmiths University of London.


The project is based on real events that took place while Torill went into a coma after an appendectomy, where dreams were discovered to be more fact than fiction. After the coma, she was consequently diagnosed with a severe form of poly-neuropathy, an untreatable neurological disease, that leaves the body to heal itself. Like branches on trees, the nerves must naturally grow back for the body to regain its mobility. Until then, her body is condemned to its breathing, but static and simultaneously deteriorating form. 


The talk will be a combination of lecture and story reading. It will be about how photography, in various ways and contexts, has been used to process sadness. How the project has impacted Torill’s and Mia’s sorrow process.

The talk will also touch how others has used photography in their sorrow process. Sarah Martel and Lori Ives-Baine, who used the photograph as a benefit to families with children in intensive care units, as studies showed that this was the best method in their grief-processing process due to the memorable quality of photography. Rosy Martin and Jo Spence, who developed phototherapy in the 80's as a way to break with gender roles, family relationships, age, sexuality, belonging, memory, shame, health and illness, as well as sorrow and loss. Jo Spence survived breast cancer, but later died of leukemia.


How do we communicate complex medical matters by taking on a combined visual and medical sociological approach? The artists investigates in the project “Dreams from a hospital bed” how to combine photography with dream-based poetic literature. And, in a different way, communicate a patient´s experience of being in a coma, as well as choosing life over death. As opposed to taking on a documentarian approach, this project is focused on using a more artistic methodology to communicate real-life experiences that were interpreted through dreams.



NW Gallery is also pleased to present a very special and unique performence:


Visual sound poetry in dialog with time, space and place.


Vocalist Randi Pontoppidan will perform a sound voyage together with the exhibition Griefs art works and each artists universe. Soul will be feeded with Randis beautiful voice from within.







June 7 - 17 2018

"Through stories and trees -

we are all in a family herd, dealing with intimate relations.

It may be our strength or our weakness, our joy or our longing sadness of something lost or broken.

In this group show, the artists turn to their own family roots, and its spoken or unspoken stories.

Using the form of handmade books, found photos from old albums, mixed media or staged, documentary and diaristic images.

They ask, in sensible ways,

how all the stories have influenced their own lives and identity."



a POP UP exhibition

 photography - mixed media - artist books

Friday 1. of December 16-20 

Saturday 2. of December 11-17

Sunday 3. of December 11-17 (xmas market in Nansensgade)

With Line Hjorth - Sara Skorgan Teigen - Jacob Aue Sobol -

Birk Thomassen - Daisy Løvendahl - Nina Worren and Emilie Morgan

Guest: Blankt Papir

It will be a salon of diverse artistic expression.

Here you will find work that is unique,special,signed, editioned -

and we do love handmade artist books!

10% of the sales profit will be donated to Dannerhuset (

Birk Thomassen


1 - 3 Dec 2017

Emilie Morgan

Handmade Artist book

1 - 3 Dec 2017

Sara Skorgan Teigen

Folded Sketches

1 - 3 Dec 2017

Daisy Løvendahl

Intimate Life

1 - 3 Dec 2017

Nina Worren

What Is

1 - 3 Dec 2017

NW Gallery Cph

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