AIR (Artist-In-Residence)





NW Gallery & The Project Room invites you to apply for

our new residency-, collaboration- and exhibition lab program.


The first AIR program is part of a series of residencies and

specially made for 

  • female artists living in Scandinavia 
  • working in the field of visual art with an emphasis on photography; camera-based or cameraless.

         We encourage experimenting with the medium in a context of mixed media, collage, text, sculpture, video/film, performance etc.

  • focusing on personal projects and mental health


The project has a great desire to increase and strengthen the relationship between the Scandinavian countries and the Danish art scene. And to give dedicated attention to todays Scandinavian female artists working on stories with a personal angel - touching emotional, psychological and social well-being.


Our mental well-being is influenced by many different parameters: Life experience such as trauma or abuse - biological factors such as genes or brain chemistry or family history of mental health problems.

The program wants to address the importance of focusing on mental health issues that so many of us can relate to and in that way contribute to breaking the taboos.


About AIR

NW Gallery & The Project Room is founded by visual artist and curator Nina Worren.

The Project Room is located in central Copenhagen on Nansensgade 1O, with a bright room on street level with its own entrance and windows, access to kitchen and toilet, Wi-Fi and printer.


The residence will take place from August 24 to September 6 (flexible dates). The duration of the residency is 2 weeks in The Project Room with an available mentor and a curatorial approach working on your project.


  • The residency gives you as an artist time and possibility to immerse into the creative flow, the process of creation, testing, sketching, preparation and installation of works. 
  • The residency will be finalized into a public exhibition. Content, form and time will be developed together with mentor/curator. There is also possibility for "open day" for the audience, artist talk and creative process presentation along the way.
  • The artist and works will be documented, photographed, filmed from beginning of process to finished work for digital display for audience and future research. 
  • The program will be promoted online and get iattention through our international network. 
  • The artist will expand knowledge and network, develop and gain increased recognition and branding of their own artistic career and focus on the current themes the artist works with. 


Who are you?

  • You live in a Scandinavian country.
  • Working in the field of visual arts based on photography.
  • You use your personal story related to mental health in your project – it should be a new, unfinished project not shown before.


How to apply?

The artist must submit an application with project description and images.

Participating artist is selected by NW Gallery & The Project Room. 


Send to before August 5, 2O2O:

  • A short description of you and your project. In addition, please tell us

         - How will you use the room – and the city?

         - What do you want to get out of the AIR?

         - What kind of mentor guidance would you appreciate?

  • Include a maximum of 15 images/visualizations, photos, sketches or drawings of the project you intend to work with.
  • CV and a few images of previous work

Payment of DKK 15O,- / EUR 20 for administration.

Go to to secure your application.

Your application is accepted when payment is registered.


#1 AIR

Participating artist will be announced August 12, 2O2O.


NW Gallery & The Project Room will contribute with an artist fee of 

DKK 2.OOO,- + production costs of DKK 1.OOO,- incl. VAT

Practical information


The participant will be expected to arrange and cover their own travel and accommodation arrangements. Please contact us if you want help or some local information.


You are responsible for providing the materials that you need.


For production costs, we advise that the artist apply for funding.

#2 Mentoring

One artist will be chosen and given a mentor program 1:1 for 3 hours

- see more information here

Thank you

to Direktør Michael Hermann Nielsens Mindelegat, afd. B for their financial support to make the AIR program come true !


For any questions – please write to