4-days with
JH Engström

in Copenhagen
1 – 4 February 2020

Only few seats.

Make an application now!

JH Engström (S) is a legend in the art of personal documentary photography.


JH is internationally renowned, has published several books, made films and received countless prices and awards. 

Today he lives and works in Paris and also runs Atelier Smedsby with Margot Wallard.



JH is known for his intuitive, subjective, diary like approach, documenting his life and surroundings, intimate relations,


his own self and emotions. His images are expressive and poetic. They approach and question the tensions and dynamics we all live with.


With a free style spirit, he process and plays withthe photographic medium and format.




Apply now – there are only few seats.

Send us the following in one simple PDF:

* Your name and contact information

* Bio, statement & CV

* A short text describing your work and motivation for

the workshop with JH

* A selection of 10-15 images and send


- One week after receiving the application, we will send you notification of acceptance to the workshop

The workshop will be intimate and intense with only a small group of participants working closely with JH.



During the workshop JH will show his own projects and tell about his life, influences and processes.


We will touch the history of photography

up to now.

We will be inspired,

 guided, educated and pushed forward by assignments and feedback.



There will be group sessions, reviews and

every participant will also have

one-to-one meetings with JH looking at your individual work.



The workshop will be held in English.



To keep the time frame and fit the flow of the shooting and

 reviewing during the workshop, the workshop is prefereable digital-encouraged.


The workshop price is EUR 95O per participant.

 - A non-refundable deposit of EUR 475 is to be paid within one week after confirmation of acceptance and the remaining EUR 475 is to be paid latest January 6th 2020.

The price includes a common welcome breakfast the first day from 11:00...

Participants will be expected to make their own travel and accommodation arrangements. Please contact us if you want help or some local information.

There may be some low extra costs related to developing, scanning, printing, paper and other material depending on your choice of creative process during the workshop.

What to bring

  • Your portfolio/images printed

  • Visual research / inspiration / ideas

  • A laptop wiyh InDesign and Photoshop and external harddisc

  • Your photo equipment , films and paper

  • Digital camera, tripod, flash/light, memory stick, card reader

    And whatever tools that apply to your creative process


02.12.2019            Final deadline for application

16.12.2019             Deposit payment

06.01.2020           Full payment

01.02.2020           Workshop first day –

                               common breakfast from 11:00

04.02.2020          Workshop last day

Terms & conditions

NW Gallery reserves the right to cancel the workshop due to insufficient participants or reasons beyond our control. In such a case, a full and immediate refund of the workshop fee will be issued.

NW Gallery is not responsible for reimbursement of travel, accomandation or other expenses in case the workshop is cancelled.

If a participant decides to cancel for whatever reason, this must be confirmed in a writing notification.

  • if the participant informs of cancellation more than 14 days before the workshop starts, the paid fee above deposit will be refunded, if the cancellation is less than 14 days before the workshop starts, no credits can be issued.

NW Gallery reserves the right to cancel a reservation if full payment has not been received by January 6th 2020.




Editing, Sequencing and Design of a Photobook


with Calin Kruse


Next time 12.03. - 16.03.2020

Open for applications now!


Editing, Sequencing and Design of a Photobook


For any photographer, the recording of images is the first part of their journey with a story.

The process that begins after the camera has been put down is often more challenging.

The photographer is required to reflect, to speak and even to write so that their work can have a full life.


In this masterclass, it is this life and afterlife that we will be concerned with: The masterclass is about the creation of photobooks on the one hand, as well as about rethinking your work in the context of a photobook on the other hand.


Calin will work closely with the participants in the production of a book from their own photo projects over the course of five days, focusing on design, editing, sequencing and the importance and choice of materials in the production of photobooks.


This masterclass culminates with each participant creating a photobook dummy.


About Calin Kruse

Calin Kruse studied Graphic-Design. He is the founder and maker of the photo magazine dienacht and of dienacht Publishing, and is a photographer himself. Calin is also a curator, holds guest talks, lectures, makes workshops (Vienna, Berlin, Lagos, Georgetown, Istanbul, Moscow, Mexico City, Rangoon, ...) on photobook design and reviews portfolios.

dienacht and dienacht Publishing have received several awards for its publications: Best German Photobook Awards, Best Books of the Year, Shortlist at the Paris Photo – Aperture Award, and a range of LeadAwards.


The Masterclass will be assisted by Yana Kruse. Yana studied Philology and has a 5-year experience as photography curator at Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography in Moscow. During this time, she curated over 15 exhibitions and edited several photobooks.



Participants background:

This masterclass is designed for photographers who have a project and are in the book design and editing phase. For photographers who are midway through a project, this workshop is a great exercise in thinking about the direction of the project and to get a better overall perspective of the various possibilities of putting the work together. The masterclass is a good opportunity to rethink and test the own book editing approach before print.




















Daily plan:

The classes will be from 10-18 every day..


The first day is a discussion about books and materials. Calin will show a whole range of materials  – paper samples, cover samples, as well as a range of photobooks with great designs and/or design elements, covers, shapes, materials and ideas. The materiality plays a big role in making a book object.

Also, he will bring his own designed and published books and explain why he was producing them the way he did – what’s the idea behind.

And there will also be negative examples of books – great images, but poor design ideas.


Afterwards, we will start looking through the images and talk about first ideas. The next days, the participants will work on their own project (although they are encouraged to get a bit involved in other participants’ projects, so they can learn different points of view), with Calin’s close support.

Calin would have one to one conversations with the participants, and a short group conversation once a day.


The workshop will culminate in creating a physical dummy, the book binding will take place on the last day. The aim of the workshop is not just the dummy, but also finding a „language“ for every single project, translated into a photo book object.



-- own computer, images printed out (not high-end prints needed), copyshop print-outs that you can touch, fold,

move around are preferable; as many images as possible.

- InDesign and basic knowledge of using it.

- the hi-res files images on your computer.

- a text about the series, can be a self-written text, but also a quote, song-lyrics, etc.


The masterclass will be held in English.


We want the workshop to be in a close, thrustful and intime environment - therefor there are only few seats.








The workshop fee is EUR 85O / DKK 6.375,-

paid in two rates.


There may be some low extra costs related to printing, paper and material.


Common breakfast the first day is included in the price.


Participants are responsible for their own lodging, meals and other expenses.


 An initial deposit of half the fee is due upon acceptance, and full payment must be made by workshop start or by agreed rate solution.


Cancellation policy: Refunds can only be offered if your place can be filled.


The gallery is located centrally in Copenhagen, close to  Nørreport and Tivoli.







Send us the following in one simple PDF: 


* Your name 

* Short bio

* Email address and phone number

* Your book project idea; 


Summarize the details of the contents, project  description, texts and other possible materials,


A pre-selection of pictures from the project with

10-20 images

and send









Previous workshop June 2018 with Jan Rosseel 



“The photobook as object” 

A five day photo book making workshop with Jan Rosseel.


The main goal of the course is to learn all the practical aspects of book making and how to problem solve

the medium shift between singular images to the book as an object in the current environment of photography.


Subjects will be the editing and compiling process, concept development, design issues like choice of

size, paper, grid and typography, and the guidance of the printing process. The workshop is designed for photographers

who are interested in working on a concept, edit and sequence for a book.



During the workshop, Jan will share his experience in conceptual work with photography books and photography

book production, combining the points of view of photographer and graphic designer.


Together with the participants, they will go through the main stages of book production, from the concept to completion of

a dummy. Challenging the students to think outside their framework and create a unique object that complements

the photographers’ vision.


The workshop consists of lectures, practical classes and work on the students’ own book project resulting in the production of a dummy book/publication by each of the participants.

The workshop is divided in two parts.


During the first part (Day one & Day two) students are encouraged to share ideas and spark creative genius

discussing and thinking about concepts for each other.

The second part (Day three / Day five) is more individual in which students will work on an idea conceived in

the first part of the workshop and create a dummy. During this part Jan will guide the students and help with

ideas, problem solving and probably stitching and gluing.



The workshop is aimed at photographers with a substantial project or body of work and are planning a publication.

In addition to the images, the participants are encouraged to bring any other materials that can be potentially

incorporated into their publication, such as texts, graphic elements, etc. It is highly recommended to

bring along your B and C selections of pictures, including pictures you have doubts about or mind find less



In order to attend the workshop,

you’ll need to have a laptop with Indesign and Photoshop, as well as small prints of your project for

editing. We will provide some basic binding tools and a printer to produce the final dummies.

The course is open for international participants.

The lectures will be held in English.

Workshop outline

The workshop will focus on understanding the process of storytelling with a personal vision – exploring

ways to incorporate your personal vision and voice into your work. We will work on the editing process,

conceptualising ideas and presentation.

Shaping ideas into a dummy for publication.

The workshop will confront and help deal with your fears, strengths, anxieties and weaknesses both as a photographer

and person.


This workshop will explore the process of generating ideas and refining concepts in the pursuit of a successful

photographic series and publication.


Through individual and group discussions and

critique of current work and interests, students will examine the strengths of their ideas and intentions, develop

skills to better conceptualise satisfying and sustaining projects and realise the potential of their ideas

and photography.


Students will arrive with an ideas they'd like to work on.

The first days will be spent examining and deconstructing

those ideas, deciding which are viable, which are not.

Every morning starts with 5 minute sessions. Each participant presents new ideas in max. 5 minutes. Afterwards

there will be 5 minutes Q&A by the other participants.


Feedback is crucial for the development of

each project and therefore participants are encouraged to play an active role in discussions.

Constructive criticism, honesty and fairness towards each other are key words to get the best out of each other.


The program is subject to change, depending on the needs and development of the projects.


Expect to make long days if needed, push your boundaries and explore new ways of storytelling.

Get inspired by your peers and be a source of inspiration to others. Share your ideas and knowledge.

Experimenting is encouraged.








About Jan Rosseel

He studied photography at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague and photojournalism at the Danish School of Media and Journalism in Århus, Denmark.

Since graduating he has been nominated for the Prix Pictet, Steenbergen Stipendium, Dutch Doc Award, Photo Academy Award, and was selected as FOAM Magazine Talent 2014.

Next to photography, Jan Rosseel also works together with other photographers creating concepts for photography books, exhibitions and ideas for new ways of visual storytelling. He has held workshops in Tokyo, Oslo and Luxemburg.

Jan Rosseel is especially known for his way of seeing the individual project, the person behind and the possibilities in visualizing the story in  a book format. In a professional and sensitive was, he guides the participants through five days, giving it all, to make the most out of the time we have together.

What To Bring With You

  • Artist statement about your project
  • Ideas you would like to work on
  • Visual research / inspiration / ideas
  • A laptop and external harddisc
  • Your photo equipment, films, paper
  • Your portfolio (about 30 images, printed )
  • Your own or other photo-publications, books or zines- carnet or other materials you think are interesting
  • Music playlist with your favourite music, music instruments (if you play any)
  • Chocolate (for addicts)
  • A good mood

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